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Welcome to Lord Copper

For around the last three and a half years, I have been writing the Lord Copper column published by Metal Bulletin. From today, that column will be supplemented on this site. We will continue with the Metal Bulletin articles, at the same sort of frequency with which they have appeared over the last six months or so, but additionally there will be opinions and articles which appear exclusively on the Lord Copper website. I shall continue to write the bulk of the content, but Lord Copper will be happy to publish interesting contributions from guest writers. Indeed, a couple of friends have already indicated their desire to venture into print.

As ever, the content will be focussed on the metal markets, with occasional forays into more general economic and financial topics. This is an opinion site, though, not yet another news platform. We rarely comment on specific price levels, although price trends are very much grist to the mill. Advertisers will appear on the site over the course of the next few weeks; they are very welcome, but they do not dictate opinions, which are exclusively the personal views of the writer(s).

The aim of the site is to provide a commentary on the way the metal markets – particularly futures and derivatives – are developing; I have been involved in trading those markets for a long time, and my intention is to comment from the point of view of an experienced trader – what works, what doesn’t work, what needs changing, what needs leaving alone. Inevitably, there will be (many) occasions when readers disagree with me – their comments are welcome, via the comment boxes at the end of each article. Where a reply is necessary, I will, as far as I can, give one.

Finally, and probably most importantly, my desire is to make this stuff interesting and thought-provoking. The first proper article (as opposed to this introduction) should be available within a couple of hours.




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